Bitch Bouquet: Dead Flower Anonymous Revenge Gift Delivery

Everyone knows how nice it is to receive a bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers on your doorstep. But sometimes, a person doesn’t deserve fresh flowers or pretty gifts. They deserve hostility and dead flowers. Bitch Bouquet is the perfect way to tell that special enemy that they suck.

Bitch Bouquet is a new delivery service that sends dead flowers to the doorsteps of people who wronged you, as an anonymous gift. Each dead rose revenge gift features barbed wire thorns to emphasize your distaste for this person and has the option of including a black ribbon with the phrase “BITCH | 1st Place.” These arrangements are perfect for people looking for a creative way to express their frustration with someone. Customers have the option of sending the dead flower arrangement as an anonymous gift or with their name included. Our dead flowers are a fitting revenge gift and message to anyone who deserves your animosity.

Some of the most common recipients our dead flower revenge gifts are ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, backstabbing best friends, or anyone who has offended you. When you send dead flowers with Bitch Bouquet, you have the option of including a short message to tell them exactly why they deserve these black, wilted dead roses. 

All of the dead flowers from Bitch Bouquet are wilted, dried out dead roses that have been dyed black to emphasize just how much this person irks you. If you’re looking for the perfect way to get revenge on someone anonymously, sending dead flowers from Bitch Bouquet is a clever and powerful way to express your disgust with them. We offer free shipping across the United States, so don’t hesitate! Order your anonymous revenge gift for special delivery to someone who truly deserves it.

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